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What is a Family Communications  Consultant?

The short answer? Parenting is overwhelming as it is and there are too many methods and scripts out there and we are all drowning in it!  I simplify. I help families connect by providing PRACTICAL tools to promote playfulness, respect, and communication, that work for YOUR family. 

The long fancy answer? 

I advocate for the emotional health of families, by working directly with families with children under the age of 12. I do this by coaching parents on:

  • age-appropriate communication skills

  • acquiring skills to foster a strong relationship with their children by way of playfulness, connection, and respectwhich then will facilitate the reinforcement of strong bonds between the parent and children. The goal of my work is to help parents acquire and practice the skills necessary to create a peaceful, communicative environment in their home where the emotional health of each family member is prioritized and children have the opportunity to discover their individuality, independence, and express their feelings in the safe harbor of their parent’s presence. The outcome we hope for is a childhood where they thrive and eventually grow up to be emotionally-healthy adults. With my help, the parents also experience less stress along this parenting journey, and focus on creating and maintaining deep, joyful, meaningful relationships with their children. 

Kids thrive emotionally, intellectually, physically and will have deeper connection with themselves and also with others when they are raised in a home where their emotional needs are met, and they are accepted for who they are. The challenge we face in creating spaces like this is there is too much information about parenting coming at us via social media and other outlets about this topic!  All the information is wonderful, but may not work in your family. My goal is to help you find joy in parenting by giving you practical tools that help you bond and understand one another. 

My cumulative experience of 1.5 years of consulting so far, plus over 20 years of working directly with children and their parents as a piano, art, and preschool teacher and creating children’s books,  plus a Bachelor of Arts and life coach certification from HCI,  helped me create the following curriculum to offer my clients: 


  1. Teach parents empathetic communication skills with their children, with a proven 4-step method (and practice with them)

  2. Teach parents techniques for self-regulation (in conjunction with their own therapy), such as meditation, breath work, and visualization.

  3. Teach co-regulation techniques for the parents to use with their children

  4. Teach parents ways to diffuse a situation with kids without anger, when the parents are also experiencing high stress 

  5. Teach parents how to teach their own children about processing big feelings

  6. Provide resources (such as my illustrations) to begin important conversations with kiddos about boundaries, respect, healthy friendships, acceptance. I also offer children’s book recommendations for particular topics. 

I am interested in your services to help me create more peace and communiction in my family, but I'd like to learn more. 

Absolutely! Click on the button below to book a free 30-minute consultation with me to ensure we are a good fit for one another. 

How much do you charge?

Fees for my services are as follows:

$105/60-minute session


$399/Four 60-minute sessions

What method of payment do you accept?

Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay

Where do you hold your sessions?

At the moment, all sessions are held via Zoom. If you are in the Seattle area and would like to meet in person, arrangements can be made. 


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