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How to Use
"Breathe, Love" 
Anxiety and Overwhelm Necklace


Each necklace has four features:

1) A charm/stone of your choice, to not only show off your individuality, but serve as a personal anchor, to remind you of who you are, and how powerful you are.

2)A moveable bead to roll between your fingers, and the physical sensation of touching the bead will help you refocus and regroup when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious. A fidget toy, but made pretty. 

3) A specifically-designed teardrop shape on which you will move the bead, which will allow you to focus on your breath work. Each order comes with an instructional card with 3 breathing techniques to try, all proven to help you calm your nervous system and relax.

4) An easy-to-style, easy-to-wear stand out necklace, which enables you to carry this tool around with you everywhere you go. 

*10% of all proceeds is directly donated to survivors of domestic violence. Not only are you supporting yourself by choosing to better your life with this necklace, you are supporting a small business owned by a single mom, and women and children who have courageously survived domestic violence. Thank you for your support.*

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